A History of Dancing by Gaston Vuillier


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William Heinemann, 1898. First English Translation, First Edition. Twenty full-page plates and 409 illustrations, 446 Pages. Large and heavy book. Some darkening to boards, slight fading to colour in top right corner. First plate is slightly loose. Binding firm and tight, pages are clean and bright with no previous inscriptions. A very good copy.  

'A study of the history of dance, from Classical Greece to eighteenth-century cotillions. With a sketch of dancing in England by Joseph Grego. Also works by Clouet, Seargent, Whistler, Watteau, Cruikshank.

Gaston Vuillier’s ‘La Danse’ is one of the best historical references on the history of dancing. This book discusses the development and changes in the art form but also how it was affected by politics, religion, and societal customs. Vuillier sought to affirm dancers and their expression especially to hush those seeking to stifle the freedom of expression of language. This book also covers the advancement of females in society and progressing beyond the boundaries placed on them.

This comprehensive study surveys the history of dancing from ancient times through the 19th century, including sacred and religious dances, ballet, the court dances of French monarchs Louis XIV through Louis XVI, “rustic dances,” Spanish dances, balls, and dances specific to England, Scotland, and Ireland.'

“Plutarch defined the dancing of his time as silent assembly, a speaking picture; what then shall we call the cancan?”

– Gaston Vuillier, ‘History of Dancing’