A Psychiatric Study Of Myths And Fairy Tales by Julius E. Heuscher


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Charles C Thomas Publisher, 1974. Second edition. 422 pages. Stain present on jacket, cloth faded and some internal foxing. Very good otherwise. Scarce. 

An Enlarged and Thoroughly Revised Second Edition of A Psychiatric Study Of Fairy Tales.

'A certain emotional impoverishment is widespread in our times. The thirst for meaning and spiritual values is great, but the vision for these non-material realms is often quite blurred. It must be recognised that our external, measurable "objective" world is only a narrow aspect of a much wider-world of meaning. This can be more than a nebulous, vague and relativistic experience, for with an increased awareness of it's nuances, this world becomes far more variegated than the world of our every-day perception.
The delicate feelings that can find nourishment in pictorial contents of fairy tales and myths must be developed. Rather than offering a comprehensive exploration of psychologic contents of folklore, the author aims at stimulating the reader' ability to recognise ever new, significant treasures found in these almost innumerable stories. To transcend the narrow limits of the materialistic world.
The images of myths and fairy tales remain familiar to the child within us and the artist within our soul. They may help the adults' quest for harmony and wholeness that is threatened by one-sidedly intellectual and sensory orientations. Also, the adult who develops a fine awareness for their potential depth and power can communicate to the child the content of this lost and yet always young language.'