A Treatise On White Magic by Alice A. Bailey


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Lucis, 1934. Second edition. Published same year as first edition. Scarce copy, some internal foxing previous owners neat pencil notes commentating, which in this circumstance only adds to the books unique quality. Note on front-end paper in pen, corners rubbed to the extremities. A very good example, rarely seen in this condition.  

'Considered to be among the most important by students of her writings, as it is less abstract than most, and deals with many important subjects of her works in an introductory, even programmatic fashion. It was first published in 1934 with the subtitle 'The Way of the Disciple'. She promulgated White Magic as a discipline to serve humanity.

It is an esoteric text, which Bailey said was dictated telepathically by the Tibetan Master, Djwal Khul. It is offered as a "basic textbook" for the Western aspirant to initiation, and is divided into fifteen rules of magic, each one taking the reader further into the mysteries of spirituality.

Topics discussed include: how an aspirant can best prepare himself for service, the various ray types of their influences, the relationship between the macrocosm and microcosm, the spiritual, causal, astral and physical realms and their interactions, the spiritual psychology of man (although this is dealt with much more fully in the Esoteric Psychology volumes), The Hierarchy of Masters, esoteric groups and schools, the spiritual centres (or chakras), the occult concept of the Seven Rays, meditation work and much more. One of the main themes is that of soul control.

This book contains the Fifteen Rules for magic (for soul control) - the soul, the White Magician, becoming manifest through its own inherent "magical" powers. Man is essentially and inherently divine. The soul is the means whereby mankind evolves a consciousness of divinity, redeems gross matter and liberates the pure flame of spirit from the limitation of form.'