Alan Garner Bundle


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The Owl Service, Lions, 1988. 
Elidor, Lions, 1989. 
The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, Lions, 1982. 

'Alan Garner stands as a titan of British writing. His 1960 debut, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, ushered in a new kind of children’s fantasy, drawing deeply on English myth but combining a contemporary sensibility and a palpable seriousness and understanding of landscape. Garner continued the sequence with The Moon of Gomrath of 1963, but incredibly the third book in the trilogy, Boneland, did not surface until almost five decades later; by then, Garner had seemingly tossed aside all notion of this being a children’s sequence and instead presented a strange, haunting eulogy of age and regret, set once again in his beloved Cheshire.

Garner completed three other fantasy tales, including the fondly-remembered (and Carnegie Medal-winning) The Owl Service, but by 1979 with The Stone Book Quartet had seemingly pushed on into more conventional narrative: two adult novels, Strandloper and Thursbitch followed, again grounded in Cheshire’s ancient soil. In 2018, Garner produced a memoir of childhood, Where Shall We Run To?'

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