Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


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Hodder & Stoughton, 1932. Centenary edition. 12 tissue-guarded, tipped-in colour plates, and numerous 2-tone and monochrome illustrations by Gwynedd M. Hudson. Very good. 

'Produced in 1932 to mark the one-hundred year anniversary of Lewis Carroll's birth, here is a wonderful example of his classic phantasmagoric tale. No greater book for children have ever been written, the simple language, dreamlike atmosphere, and fantastical characters are as appealing to young readers today as ever they were.
Meanwhile, these apparently simple stories have become recognised as adult masterpieces, extraordinary demonstrations in Modernism and Surrealism. Using wordplay, parody and philosophical puzzles, Carroll casts a variety of sub-texts; teasing, ominous or melancholic. For all the surface playfulness there is meaning everywhere. The author reveals himself in glimpses.'

Gwynedd M. Hudson was a British artist and designer who created exquisite illustrations and hand-drawn texts for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Peter Pan.