Ancient Springs & Streams of The East Riding of Yorkshire by Rev. W. Smith


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London, Hull & York: A. Brown & sons, 1923. First edition. 186 pages. Frontispiece and 4 other b & w plates. Spine faded and sunned, boards slightly faded also with some light foxing internally, text clean. Very good copy of a scarce title. 

Ancient Springs & Streams of The East Riding of Yorkshire: Their Topography And Traditions. 


- Pagan Springs And Streams - Celtic, Roman, Norse

- Haunted Springs And Streams- Spirit And Sprites, Boggles
-Fairy Springs- Fairy Pin- Well, Frolicsome Fairies
-Prophetic Springs And Streams- Kinema River, Doom Well, Gypseys 
-Spa Wells
-Roadside Springs
-Saints' Wells
-St Helen's
-Lady Wells
-Church Wells

'The ancient British people strongly held that springs and streams were objects of worship, and these were even found in their sacred groves, running streams being held in highest honour. Often islands in the pools and streams were selected for religious rites or public celebration, and if natural islands were not found, artificial ones were made. The Druids built their altars near springing and flowing water, for water was a necessity of their mystic ceremonies. At Bingley, in the West Riding, there is a spring still known as The Druids', and it is near the Druids Altar.  
The Druids too  were Ardent believers in the supernatural power of springs and streams, supposing their divinations to depend on their incantations being made near them. The Celts of old held the sun, trees, and water, in deeply-rooted veneration.'