Anthropogeny: The Esoteric History Man's Origins by Dr. Douglas Baker


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Little Elephant, 1975. Second edition. Signed by author with gift inscription. 192 pages. Illustrated throughout, includes double fold-out to the rear. Near-fine copy. 

'No matter how abstruse, how surrounded with mystery the subject of human origin, we should remember the words of Paracelsus;

“Things that are considered now to be impossible
will be accomplished; and that which is unexpected
will in the future prove to be true, and that
which is looked upon as superstition in one century
will be the basis of the approved science of the next.”

Douglas Baker was born in Britain and raised in South Africa. His transformative experiences during the Second World War, when twice severely wounded, set the pattern for his life long investigations. He has given more than 10,000 lectures and attracted people from all over the world. He is progressively uncovering new evidence for the age-old tenets of Esoteric Science through the vast spectrum of quantum mechanics. Throughout he life has done extensive scientific research into those hinterlands of the mind, psi-semantics.'