Arthur Machen Essays by Iain Sinclair, Catherine Fisher & Mark Lewis


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Three Imposters, 2013. Limited Editions of 350 Copies. 

Our Unknown Everywhere Arthur Machen as Presence by Iain Sinclair.

'Iain Sinclair, the writer and filmmaker, brings Arthur Machen to life as a Figure of London writing, someone who has crossed his path repeatedly as a constant shadowy ghost in the city streets. There are some uncanny correspondences in the backgrounds of the two men: both of them were born and brought up in Wales but moved permanently to London as young adults, worked in the many branches of the book trade, and became urban wanderers absorbed and fascinated by the unfathomable labyrinth of the great metropolis. But we shouldn’t push the parallels too far: as Iain says, Machen’s views would probably have been ‘pretty alien’ to him if they had actually been able to meet!'

Machen’s Gwent A Country Hardly to be Known by Catherine Fisher.

'Award-winning Welsh author and poet Catherine Fisher provided one of the highlights of the celebratory events organized to mark the 150th anniversary of Arthur Machen’s birth in 2013 when she gave a lecture at the Caerleon Festival on Machen’s relationship with his native countryside. This publication contains an extended and edited version of that talk, in which Catherine analyses the ambiguity of Machen’s feelings for the Gwent landscape, which inspired in him both love and fear, and assesses the use he made of these emotions in his attempts to produce literature of lasting worth.'

The Fountains of My Story Arthur Machen and the Making of a Museum by Mark Lewis.

'This publication is an edited and expanded version of a lecture delivered in 2013 by Mark Lewis, Curator of the National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon, as part of a series of events arranged to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Arthur Machen's birth. In a fascinating and wide-ranging essay, Dr Lewis demonstrates how the intimate involvement of Machen's grandfather and father in the establishment of the Caerleon Museum, and his own fascination with the rich collection of Roman artefacts unearthed in the area, exerted a major influence on Machen's imagination and writing.'