Astrology and Science by Michel Gauquelin


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Mayflower, 1970.

'Michel Gauquelin was trained as a psychologist and statistician, but is widely known for his revolutionary work on what he sometimes called neo-astrology or cosmobiology, i.e. the scientific measurement of the correlations between the position of certain planets at birth (Jupiter, Mars, Saturn in particular), an individual’s fame in various professions, and their personality. He published many books on his research, mostly of course in French, but some have been translated into English.

Gauquelin’s method of work was to extract details of the place and exact time of birth of famous sportsmen, soldiers, poets, actors etc from their birth records, and then look to see which planets had been in one of the “Gauquelin sectors” at that person’s birth – the Gauquelin sectors being just after rise from the earth’s horizon and just after culmination (the planet’s highest point in the sky), and, less importantly, just after setting and just after the lowest culmination (the lowest point below the horizon). Using thousands of eminent people, not only in France but internationally, he discovered highly significant relations between planet and type of eminence – sportsmen were more likely to be born with Mars in the crucial positions, actors with Jupiter in those positions, scientists and doctors with Saturn, and so on. He also studied thousands of non-eminent control subjects, to counter criticisms of his statistics. His work-rate (aided by his first wife, Francoise, who co-authored many of his articles) was astonishing; all his data were transferred to computer, and were made available to critical scrutiny for testing.'

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