Astronomie Popularie by Camille Flammarion


Sold out

Ernest Flammarion, 1908. 360 illustrations. Damage to spine, light restoration work by a past owner is evident. Binding is sound. All plates are intact, pages are starting to wear with some corners missing. Edges rubbed and worn. A fair copy. Text in French. 

'Respectfully to the immortal geniuses Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton who opened to humanity the doors of infinity.'

'French astronomer Camille Flammarion (1842-1925) firmly believed that science should not be the preserve of elites. He also called the study of the heavens 'the science which concerns us most'. He believed that learning 'what place we occupy in the infinite' could delight and instruct, and might even promote an end to war and strife.
His passion for the discoveries of his time is palpable throughout this classic introduction to astronomy, which stands as a landmark in the history of popular science writing. It features 360 illustrations, including highly detailed maps of the Moon and Mars, the latter being of special interest for Flammarion as he compared and contrasted it with the Earth. Originally published in 1880, the work won the approval of the Academie Francaise and the Minister of Public Instruction.'