Conversations Across Realities: As Written Down by Anjanette Vail Van Horn, 1940’s-1999


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A Remarkable Album Of Clairvoyant Conversations

A truly beautiful and unique book of type-written conversations between a mother and her dead son, Anjanette Vail and Nicolas Robert Van Horn who lived in Santa Barbara, California.
The album contains original photographs and art by Nicolas, with type-written clairvoyant correspondences and automatic writing.

‘These are scribbled down conversations of a mother and son. The son, Nicolas, died in the Fall of 1998 and spoke with his mother, through the ensuing Winter and Spring, words given through thought waves. He and his mother had travelled extensively together, and had shared a home for the last fifteen years of his life. Nicolas died aged fifty-five after experiencing much sadness and discouragement from his life’s efforts. On a personal level these conversations touch on the transition that lies ahead for each of us. On a global level they supply some interesting thought.’

The conversations are varied but focus on the afterlife and the human soul, with meditations on the nature of time, space and other life forms.
‘The fight in the world now is: not to lose our humanity through science’s tremendous slant on cybernetics and numbers. We are not writing and doing our own thinking enough…By stopping the torture of animals, it will lead to the end of torturing each other, that’s a beginning to getting things in cohesion.’

Throughout the 1960’s and 70’s, Nicolas was a folk-singer performing mainly songs of the British Isles. An original press release is included with some minor details of him as an artist. He went on to earn a living through wrought iron design and fabrication, with examples of his work documented in sketches and photographs of jobs done around California.

California: Santa Barbara. Decorated textile covers. 13 x 10 Inches. 42pp. The book was created in the late 1990’s featuring photographs and other material from the mid through to the late 20th Century. Light-wear to the extremities, otherwise an excellent example of a unique item.