Cosmic Symbolism by Sepharial


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William Rider, 1912. 294 Pages. A copy from the Wallasey Theosophical Lodge. Original full blue cloth binding embossed in gold and blind. Some minor rubbing to edges present, fading to edge of spine, slight lean to book. 

'There is no end to the writing of books, we are told. Whether I shall have succeeded in throwing more light on the dark problems of occultism, it is for the reader to judge. “All truth is paradoxical” says Laotze, the great philosopher of quietism.

To the extent that we understand the laws of our being and use them for our personal benefit, and through ourselves for the good of all humankind, we become conspirators with the divine will; that one far-off event to which the whole of creation moves. An apotheosis warranted by the trend of the physical and spiritual evolution of humanity, prophetically indicated by the words; “Thou hast made oneself a little lower than the angels, to crown one with glory and worship.” These curiosities of occultism are offered to those who are able to appreciate them.

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