Dante & The Mystics by Edmund G. Gardner


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J.M Dent & Sons LTD, 1913. First edition. 3 tissue-guarded photographic plates of illustrations by Sandro Botticelli.  Very Good copy. 

A Study of the Mystical Aspect of the Divina Commedia and Its Relations with Some of Its Mediaeval Sources.

'Dante Alighieri (c. 1265 – 1321), was an Italian poet, writer and philosopher. His Divine Comedy, originally called Comedia (modern Italian: Commedia) and later christened Divina by Giovanni Boccaccio, is widely considered the most important poem of the Middle Ages and the greatest literary work in the Italian language.'

“The following studies include portions of courses of public lectures delivered during the last three academical sessions at University College, London. They have been completely rewritten, and are now presented in a somewhat different form. As the title of the book indicates, its main purpose is to lay stress upon the mystical aspect of the Divina Commedia, to trace the influence upon Dante of the earlier mystics from St. Augustine onwards, and to illustrate the mystical tendency of the sacred poem by its analogies with the writings of others, contemporary or even later, masters in the same “science of love.” I have, however, diverged a little from this theme, here and there, more par­ticularly when considering the relations between Dante and St. Bernard, and the poet’s attitude towards the Franciscan movement."

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