De Magia by Giordano Bruno


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Obernkirchen: Black Letter Press, 2022. Second edition. Translated by Paul Summers Young. Cover design by Alice Rocchetti. 427 pages. Hardcover bound in Red Italian Fedrigoni Imitlin. Thread-Sewn Book Block printed on wood free, age resistant Cream paper.

'Giordano Bruno (1548 - 1600) is at once significant and enigmatic.
This edition focuses on his magical writings, and is a new translation based on the Tocco and Vitelli research.

- Lampas Triginta Statuarum
- De Magia Mathematica
- De Magia Naturali
- Theses De Magia
- De Rerum Principiis et Elementis et Causis
- De Vinculis in Genere

Bruno's death at the stake often overshadows his actual writings. While his work has been translated and published, much of that material is out of print, or accessible only in scarce academic publications. Yet he casts a literal shadow across the subject; his monument in the Campo de' Fiori has become an icon of philosophical, and especially esoteric, free thought.

The essays collected here present a window into natural philosophy as an emerging discipline that would eventually give rise to the Scientific Revolution. Bruno is most known for his cosmological theories, theological heresies, and philosophical controversies. In these six works we see a complete magical curriculum, grounded in reason rather than speculation, and touching on topics ranging from natural wonders to theory of matter and mind. To be a magician is to have better understanding of the world and everything in it.'