Dictionary Of Astrology by Alan Leo


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L. N. Fowler & co, 1929. Edited by Vivian E. Robson. Published at Modern Astrology Office, London. 205 pages. Board darkened, with some stains and wear present, edges rubbed. 

'Some years after Alan Leo’s untimely death in 1917, his widow Bessie asked Vivian Robson to compile the manuscript notes her husband had left behind towards his shelved project for a dictionary of astrology into a complete volume. This task was accomplished in the late 1920s, with the finished volume as edited by Robson published in 1929.

Alan Leo’s Dictionary of Astrology superseded Leo’s 1905 book entitled Complete Dictionary of Astrology, which in spite of its title was incomplete, ending with his entry for ‘Horoscope’. 

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