Dragon Of The Alchemists by Frederick Carter


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IHO Books, 2001. 1 of 2 sold. Originally published in 1926. Introduction by Arthur Machen. 

"The only way of telling the truth is by means of the symbol: the part that is put for the whole; that whole which for our lips is ineffable. The world is a cypher. He does best who hints most closely at the secret message latent in the signs exhibited to us." Carter was also a friend of D. H. Lawrence, and sent the manuscript of The Dragon of the Alchemists to Lawrence for his comments.

'Carter is often seen by occultists as little more than an acquaintance of Austin Spare with whom he co-edited Form Magazine, co-wrote the essay Automatic Drawing, and who also wrote the introduction to Spare's Focus of Life. In truth, Carter was a prolific artist, writer, illustrator and translator who worked with publishers such as Fanfrolico Press and great writers such as D H Lawrence.

Carter was also fascinated with the Book of Revelation and studied works such as Bond & Lea's Apostolic Gnosis and William Stirling's The Canon. This is the first volume in a trilogy of his studies and his foundational essay regarding astrology, Revelation and The Dragon in the sky! '

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