Dreaming In The Middle Ages by Steven F. Kruger


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Cambridge University Press, 1992. First edition. 

'Medieval attitudes toward dreaming encompassed both deep fascination and strong suspicion. In Dreaming in the Middle Ages, Steven Kruger explores the ambivalence of the medieval dream through a close examination of philosophical, legal, and theological writings, as well as literary and autobiographical works.
To place the medieval dream in its historical and cultural context, Kruger studies the development of theories of dreaming from late-antique Neoplatonic and patristic writers to the dream theorists of the late Middle Ages, and he situates these erudite and complex theories in relation to more popular treatments of dreaming like the Somniale Danielis. Dreaming in the Middle Ages presents a wide-ranging and challenging reinterpretation of the medieval dream, exploring an experience of crucial importance for our broader understanding of medieval culture.'