Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath by Carlo Ginzburg


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A study of visionary traditions in Early Modern Europe. Through a careful analysis of trial records, ecclesiastical tracts about demonology, folklore, and popular iconography, Ginzburg offers a provocative interpretation of historical Witchcraft. A history of the darkest regions of night, Ecstasies also reveals the possibilities and limits of the historians craft. 

Ronald Hutton In The Triumph of The Moon writes; 'an extensive and fruitful development" of the idea that "underlying the early modern stereotype of satanic witchcraft lay not merely intellectual constructs but a network of ancient popular beliefs regarding night-flying spirits and goddesses.'

New York: Pantheon Books: 1991. First edition. Hardcover. 339pp. Translated by Raymond Rosenthal.  Small sticker from previous owner inside front-boards, jacket edges darkened, text clean. An excellent copy. 

Hutton, Ronald. 1999. The Triumph of The Moon. Oxford University Press.