Egypt & Astrology by Alice Holmes James


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A. Wheaton & co, 1935. First Edition. Includes pastedown graphic for the Sidmouth Theosophical Lodge. 76 pages. A very good copy of a rare text. 

'Under the guidance of those who in past ages studied "the stars", we humble students of nature have been taught the realise the potent influence they exert over every form of life on the planet. Humankind is under their sway; their vibrations control the elements of earth, air, fire, water, ether and sub- ether. They cause physical disturbances and storms, often resulting in widespread destruction.

Truth is ever contained in the symbols of nature. 

Many people have a vague or incorrect perception of astrology, and from it seek to gratify their material nature.  Astrology is a mathematical science as well as the oldest religion, explaining the mysterious and revealing occult truths, in the lives of each person and nation under the astral light.'

Category Egyptology