Egypt & Astrology by Alice Holmes James


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A. Wheaton & co, The Paternoster Press, 1935. 76 pages. Scarce. 

“God existed in the solar unity before all things.”
"To the Egyptians the Sun was the life-giving and sustaining force; Harmaches, god of the Sphinx, the rising Sun, Horus, the morning Sun.
At the north east corner of the Dendera Zodiac is a device by which sunlight falls upon the statue of the goddess of the shrine.
A mummy of a Theban Priest that lies in the British museum, Harendiotef, shews an astronomical scene with the progress of the Sun on a coffin.
Kheperi, the Scarab god was associated with the Sun’s rising and setting.
The symbol of the Sun, “the right eye of Ra”, is a circle with a dot in the centre.
This would be a form of written language to the early Equinoctial Cult, and possibly derived from seeing the Pole Star through the north passage of the great pyramid. Observations of this star gave them time and historical data.
The fifth house of a birth map is associated with Sun’s rulership, and the aspects of the vibration determine the number and sex of children that can be born. Early Egyptians were great students of medicine; especially from herbs. Alchemy, the beginnings of modern chemistry; originated from the records of Egyptian astrology."

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