Esoteric Ephemera: Elmer E. Knowles & Swami Ramayandas Psychology Foundation


Sold out

Psychology Foundation, 1926. 123 pages. Minor tears and rubbing present, foxing to cover, all bindings sound. Rare set of pamphlets issued by the Psychology Foundation, also operating under the name 'Société Anonyme', based out of Brussels during the 1920's. This set was sold as a correspondence course 'Embracing the use of The Radio Hypnotic Crystal.'

- 'Auto Suggestion in the Self-Treatment of diseases and the Eradication of Undesirable Habits.'

- Hypnotism, Telepathy, Personal Magnetism, Personal Influence.'

- 'Suggestive Therapeutics, Magnetic Healing, Absent Treatment.'

- 'Hindu And Oriental Methods In Hypnotism, Telepathy, Concentration, Magnetic Healing, Magic and the Wonders of the Orient by Swami Ramayandas.'

- 'A Correspondence Course In Character Healing.'

'At the outset, get your patient into a state of mental calm either by the use of the Radio Hypnotic Crystal or by such other methods as your knowledge and diagnosis of the case may indicate to you. Then gradually induce profound hypnotic slumber until such time as you feel that your subject has completely relaxed, in which state his mind may be compared to an unexposed photographic plate on which you can project the image you desire. Begin the cure by gently striving to bend his inclination …’