Fiddler's Green 6: Woodcutter's Moon


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Fiddler’s Green 6 features copper titling, a cover drawn by Matthew Glover of Sin Eater Illustration, and 52 pages of art and magic, including reviews, a letters column, and the following:

  • Practical Nostalgia, Editorial by Clint Marsh

  • The Art of Magic: New Enchanted Artifacts at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, by Lara C. Cory, illustration by Adrienne Rozzi

  • Musings of an Urban Herb Hunter: Encountering Plant Allies Within the City Bounds, written and illustrated by Johnny Decker Miller

  • Doing God a Favour: Sex, Celibacy, and Spirituality, by Muz Murray, illustrations by David D’Andrea

  • A Compendium of Witches, A Gallery by Nataša Ilinčić

  • I Woke Up This Morning: How I Learned Three Mystic Truths, and How They Helped, by Clint Marsh

  • The Confederacy of the Green Door, by Eldred Wormwood, illustrations by Gerhard

  • Megalithic Donegal, written and illustrated by Sean Fitzgerald

  • Little Black Cat, written and illustrated by Kelly Patton

  • The Wizard Laird, by Alan Cynic

  • Old Growth, by F. J. Bergmann

'Fiddler’s Green Peculiar Parish Magazine was born of a languid afternoon of conversation on a sunny tavern lawn. Taking its name from the pleasant afterlife dreamed into being by sailors, cavalrymen, and other adventurous spirits, Fiddler’s Green gathers friends, good cheer, and a bit of magic to create a better world not someday, but now.

In ecclesiastical terms, the word “peculiar” refers to a district outside the jurisdiction of the Church. It’s also a good word for describing my own view of reality, and likely yours as well. And so here is a “peculiar parish magazine” for anyone who doesn’t feel the need to have their inner life directed by others. If it is peculiar that we wish to govern our bodies and souls ourselves, then let us be peculiar.

The conversation continues, and there is room for you in it. Each of us is on our own journey, both in this world and whatever lies beyond it. Sometimes the path is well lit; at other times it is obscured. Your wanderings have brought you here, and I hope you’ll stray for a while with me and the other souls gathered at Fiddler’s Green.' - Clint Marsh