Freud, Jung, & Occultism by Nandor Fodor


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University Books, 1971. First edition. 

'Did two giants of this century's psychology 'believe in the supernatural?' Fodor has sifted through a wealth of notes and reminiscences to present the clashes and collaborations of the founder of psychoanalysis and the founder of analytical psychology concerning the occult.    

Nandor Fodor was a British and American parapsychologist, psychoanalyst, author and journalist of Hungarian origin.He was one of the leading authorities on poltergeists, haunting and paranormal phenomena usually associated with mediumship. Fodor, who was at one time Sigmund Freud's associate, wrote on subjects like prenatal development and dream interpretation, but is credited mostly for his magnum opus, Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, first published in 1934. Fodor was the London correspondent for the American Society for Psychical Research (1935-1939). He worked as an editor for the Psychoanalytic Review and was a member of the New York Academy of Sciences.'

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