Ghost In The Water by Edward Chitham


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Puffin, 1982. 

'It all started when Teresa and David discovered the curious inscription on a gravestone in the local churchyard:In Memory of Abigail Parkes. Departed this Life 10th December 1860. Aged 17. Innocent of All Harm. It was theses last words - Innocent of All Harm - which excited their curiosity. And when Teresa realised that the dead girl had embroidered the old sampler which hung in the hall at home, she decided to find out more about her. As Teresa and David moved closer to a solution of the mystery surrounding Abigail's sudden death, it became apparent that the dead girl's life was strangely linked with Teresa's own, and that Abigail's uneasy spirit would not let them rest until they had come to a clear understanding of the mystery.
Edward Chitham has woven real places and actual events into his unusual novel in which the mystery and suspense of the story are set against a vivid background of the canals, streets and housing estates of the Black Country.'

The book is bleak. Quite literally – the entire narrative is subsumed by the slate-grey oppression of winter, seemingly every scene soaked by perpetual torrents of Black Country rain. The “water” of the title is integral. In fact, you’ll probably never find a better literary evocation of the foul weeks before the respite of Christmas sparkle; those late November days of frozen, sodden-coated darkness on the silent walk home from school.' - Bob Fischer 

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