Gurdjieff: The Anatomy Of A Myth by James Moore


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Element, 1991. First edition. 415 pages. Small tear to side of jacket. 

'Today in London, Paris and New York; in San Francisco, Sydney, Caracas; indeed throughout the western world, George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff is a decisive influence on the lives of many individuals. A true revolutionary, he coaxed from archaic traditional sources a major critique, which speaks authentically to the condition, suffering, and spiritual aspiration of the contemporary human condition. 
Yet Gurdijieff is very little known; given that he incarnated his teaching, who was he essentially?
A book has long been needed which would calibrate 'truth mythic' with 'truth historical', not denying either's validity.
This was the first major biography of one of the century's most unique minds. A masterful work offering remarkable scholarship, insight, and humour.

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