History of Botanical Science by A. G. Morton


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Academic Press, 1981. First Edition. 

'A.G. Morton’s History of Botanical Science: an account of the development of botany from ancient times to the present day brings forward new and neglected material on botany, one of the oldest of sciences, and has been written to be accessible to readers with a general interest as well as to professional botanists. Morton was struck by the lack of a history of botany as seen from the standpoint of the present day - published in 1981, History of Botanical Science describes the development of botany from The Origin of Botany as a Science to The Dark Ages of Botany in Europe, Enlightenment and Revolution in Botany and Botany in the Twentieth Century.

A.G. Morton was Emeritus Professor of Botany of London University and Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.'