I, Catherine Selected Writings of Catherine of Siena


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London: Collins, 1980. First edition. 304pp. Hardcover. Edited by Kenelm Foster & Mary John Ronayne. Small tear to jacket, spine faded and corners rubbed, text remains clean and unmarked. A very good copy. 

'Saint Catherine of Siena was born on 25 March 1347, the daughter of a northern Italy wool dyer named Giacomo di Benincasa. A mystic who was engaged in papal Italian politics through extensive letter-writing and advocacy. Canonized in 1461, she is revered as a saint due to her extensive theological authorship. The second woman to be declared a "Doctor of the Church", in 1970 by Pope Paul VI, only days after Teresa of Ávila.
Catherine experienced what she described in her letters as a 'Mystical Marriage' with Jesus, later a popular subject in art as the Mystic marriage of Saint Catherine.
For Catherine, this practice was the means to fully realise her love of Christ in her mystical experience, with a large proportion of her ecstatic visions relating to the consumption or rejection of food during her life. She viewed Christ as a bridge between the soul and God. Her book The Dialogue is highly systematic and explanatory in its presentation of her mystical idea, based in her ecstatic mystical experience. Her work was widely read across Europe, and survives in a Middle English translation called The Orchard of Syon.'

“So you see that the eye of the intellect has received supernatural light, infused by grace, by which the doctors and saints knew light in darkness, and of darkness made light.”

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

“These tiny ants have proceeded from his thought just as much as I. It caused him just as much trouble to create the angels as these animals and the flowers on the trees.”