Icelandic Fairy Tales by Mrs A. W. Hall


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Frederick & Warne, 1897. First Edition. Includes 25 original b&w illustrations by A. E. Mason. The covers are a little grubby and with some rubbing to the spine above the titling, but still bright. Pages are clean and clear with just a little foxing. 

'The first edition of this collection of Norse fairy tales and legends popular in Iceland. Contents include: The Legend of the King's Three Sons, Helga, Thorstein, Sigurd, Lineik and Laufey, The Five Brothers, Hermod and Havdor, Ingebjorg, Hans, The Giantess and the Granite Boat, Greybeard, Litill Tritill The Birds and the Pheasant L
ad, Laughing Ingibjorg, The Three Peasant Maidens, The Fair and the Dark Isolde, Prince Hilni, and Fertram and Hildur.

Although some of these tales bear a similarity to the well-known standard fairy tales, which have been the delight of countless children for many generations, they all possess an originality peculiarly their own. It is remarkable too that, whereas in most southern legends it is always the prince who delivers the princess and performs the heroic and valorous deeds, in these Icelandic tales it is for the most part the young princess or peasant maiden who undergoes all the hardships and trials, and after countless dangers rescues the prince who has fallen under the ban of some wicked witch or giantess.'