Jean Genet In Tangier by Mohamed Choukri


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Ecco Press, 1974. Translated by Paul Bowles. Introduction by William Burroughs. 82 pages. 

'An unexpected view of the highly secretive Frenchman, and a fascinating picture of the café life in Tangier. An unlikely jumble of individuals who seem to have nothing in common beyond the fact they happened to meet at this cultural crossroads at the entrance to the Mediterranean.

To Mohamed Choukri, Tangier was the most extraordinary and mysterious city in the world. No less extraordinary was Choukri, who taught himself to read and write at the age of twenty after a childhood of poverty and petty crime.

A haven for many Western writers in the twentieth century, Tangier drew the likes of William Burroughs, Paul Bowles, Jean Genet and Tennessee Williams, all of whom were befriended by Choukri.'