Kenneth Grant Typhonian Trilogies


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The Complete Typhonian Trilogies. 9 Volumes. All very good to near fine copies. 

The Magical Revival, Frederick Muller, 1972.
Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, Frederick Muller, 1973.
Cults of the Shadow  Frederick Muller, 1975.
Nightside of Eden, Fredrick Muller, 1977.
Outside the Circles of Time, Frederick Muller, 1980.
Hecate's Fountain. Skoob Books, 1992.
Outer Gateways  Skoob Books, 1994. 
Beyond the Mauve Zone Starfire Publishing, 1999. 
The Ninth Arch, Starefire Publishing, 2002. 

"In his body of work, Grant has created an unlikely mélange comprised of thematic threads that include both Eastern and Western esoteric traditions, in addition to consistent references to artistic and literary works infused with the aroma of the mysterious, fantastic, and uncanny, with a dominant place assigned to the fictional output of H. P. Lovecraft and the visionary creations of Austin O. Spare."– Gordan Djurdjevic