Man & His Symbols conceived & edited C. G. Jung


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Aldus Books, 1972.  Second printing. 320 pages. Illustrated throughout. Contributors include; M.-L. Von Franz; Joseph L. Henderson; Jolande Jacobi; Aniela Jaffe Slight wear to jacket which has remained preserved in a protective sleeve. A very good copy. 

'The first and only work in which Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, explains to the general reader his greatest contribution to the knowledge of the human mind; the theory of the importance of symbolism, particularly as revealed in dreams. He himself dreamed that his work was understood by a wide public, rather than just by psychiatrists, therefore devoting the closing months of his life to this book, completing key sections only ten days before his death.

In short, he believes through a knowledge and acceptance of the unconscious; a knowledge acquired through the realm of dreams and symbolism, that humans can achieve a sense of ‘wholeness’.

To Jung symbols are produced in geometric forms, gods and goddesses, animals, plants and humans. Their symbolic content rises from the unconscious to consciousness, manifests through archetypes.

More than 500 illustrations complement the text and provide a unique commentary on his thought. They show the nature and function of dreams; explore the symbolic meaning of modern art, and reveal the psychological meanings of the ordinary experiences in everyday life.'

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