More Fairy Tales from The Isle Of Man by Dora Broome


Sold out

Norris Modern Press, 1st Edition, 1970. Some minor wear to cover, previous owners name written inside.

'I meant this second book of Fairy Stories to about creatures of the sea (mermaids and such) that surrounds our island, as well as creatures of the land; except for the rather frightening Merman, the Little Boys seem to have taken it over. And why shouldn't they? Aren't they as old as the rocks and the trees, ass the rock roses? As de la Mere says; 
'O no man knows
Through what wild centuries
Roves back to the rose. 

So I leave them with you, mischievous, but on the whole, kindly. 

Never forget their saucer of cream, when you go to bed, and they will do well by you. 


Dora Broome.'