My Week Without Gérard by Ivan Boris


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Morbid Books,  2021. First edition, special Edition. 245pp. Each copy includes a unique collage made of cut-ups. Previously only available to members of the Temple of Surrealism. Cover Images by Max Ernst. 

'A surreal, slapstick nightmare set in the end-times of countercultural journalism.

In search of France’s superstar philosopher who has mysteriously vanished, Lester Langway, a young, bedraggled freelance reporter for the failing London style bible Down N Out! magazine, is sent to Paris to solve a hallucinogenic detective mystery involving demonic Kantian philosophy, identity politics, the history of Surrealism, secret societies and mind control. Both a scathing satire and a sincere romance, My Week Without Gérard is so squarely at odds with the culture it mercilessly lampoons, it’s little surprise the author writes under a pseudonym.'


Ivan Boris is the pen name of an author, journalist and poet. This is his first novel published in the English language.

"If Burroughs was alive today, he would be publishing with Morbid Books." — Jeremy Reed