Norse Mythology & The Modern Human Being by Ernst Uehli


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Waldorf, 1999. 

'The Myths from the old Norse holds fantastic pictures in which modern folk can find deep meaning and solutions to life's riddles! These stories have a kind of magic not to be found in any other group of tales. For children and adults alike the gods of the Aesir and the Giants and the demons are fascinating to follow with whom all can rejoice and despair as the inevitable development of the human race proceeds. The nine worlds of Asgard, the tree, Yggdrasil, the Midgard Serpent, Odin, Thor, Sif, and especially Loki, the relentless trickster, delight and instruct with subtle power.

A valuable study of a mythology that has as much to do with the future of human evolution as it does with these old stories of the Norse gods. Uehli moves systematically through the major figures in this ancient saga, reflecting on the deeper meaning and showing why they are so valuable for children, especially those in the fourth grade. It will provide insight for teachers, parents, and other adults who hope to answer some of the life questions of today.'