Occult Japan: Shinto, Shamanism and The Way Of The Gods by Percival Lowell


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Rochester: Inner Traditions, 1990. 379 pages. Softcover. Very good copy. 

'Occult Japan was originally published in 1894, and is still unrivalled in its detailed descriptions of of Shinto "miracles, possessions and incarnations." Shinto, or The Way Of The Gods, is the oldest religious faith of the Japanese people, based on the aboriginal worship of nature and ancestors, it is a religion of innumerable deities and rituals. As Buddhism established itself in Japan, it absorbed many of the Shinto beliefs, while assigning them an inferior status. Ancient Shinto practices have been kept alive to this day as an occult tradition embodying the magical, primeval, and shamanic rites central to Japanese culture. 
The book offers an esoteric study of Japanese personality and possession, as well as other aspects of Japanese history and culture.'