Occult Philosophy or Magic, Book One: Natural Magic by Henry Cornelius Agrippa


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Aquarian Press, 1975. Reprint of the 1897 edition. Edited by Willis F. Whitehead. Biographical account by Henry Morley. Jacket bumped and rubbed, minor wear present. Internally very good. 

'Henry Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, a native of Cologne, was born September 14, 1486. Presumably, he was educated at the University of Cologne, having access to the works of the early alchemist, Albertus Magnus.
In his youth Agrippa began a collection of occult knowledge. This he compiled into an elaborate system of magic, which constitutes the present volume. His consuming desire was to free magic from the adverse accusations impiety, this dedication gave rise to many miraculous tales surrounding his life. He is said to have possessed a magic mirror; in which it was possible to see distant objects either in time or place. His familiar, a large black dog, accompanied him at all times. Also, his myth is credited with fulfilling the alchemists purpose of changing base metal into gold.’

“The philosophy of Agrippa is in direct line with the Neoplatonic tradition. The Cabalistic doctrine influenced every page of Occult Philosophy, which bears the belief that Agrippa's doctrine had its inception in Egypt several thousand years before the Christian era.”

Includes appendices; "Order of the Empyrean Heaven," "Symbols of the Alchemists," and "The Magic Mirror: A Message To All Mystics."