Occult Training Of The Hindus by Ernest Wood


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Ganesh & co,., Madras, 1931. First edition. 153 pages. This copy belonged to Hugh Shearman, Theosophist and Ulster Unionist from Belfast. His signature is present on the front-end paper. Jacket shows some wear, tears to edges, corners worn, slight missing on upper and lower spine. Text clean. A very good example, as it is scarcely seen with a dust jacket. 

'Wood explains that so called 'Occultism' is much more than the Indian rope trick. 'Genuine Occultism' seeks the pure, eternal life, beyond the restrictions of time and space. The real occult is that which is hidden from those who cannot rise in thought beyond attachment to ‘limited states of consciousness’.

The average Hindu acknowledges that abnormal psychic powers may come to an aspirant who is in pursuit of the Truth. But he takes care that they do not lure him from his real ideal. For such a seeker ‘occultism’ is the science of life, or the science of the Self.

Ernest wood makes a comprehensive presentation of the various types of yoga, predominately an exploration of Rāja yoga, originally revealed in the Sanskrit texts.

The book ends with a very useful chapter that gives practical guidance on meditation.'