On Miracles And Modern Spiritualism by Alfred Russel Wallace


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An important collection of essays on Spiritualism,  Wallace defends his belief in a non-material origin for the higher mental faculties of human nature. He articulates Spiritualist thought as a matter of science and philosophy rather than religious dogma.


 (I.) An Answer to the Arguments of Hume, Lecky, and Others Against Miracles
( II.) The Scientific Aspect of the Supernatural
- Introductory,
- Miracles and Modern Science
- Modern Miracles viewed as Natural Phenomena,
- Od-Force, Animal Magnetism, and Clairvoyance
- The Evidence of the Reality of Apparitions
- Modern Spiritualism : Evidence of Men of Science
- Evidence of Literary and Professional Men to the Facts of Modern Spiritualism
- The Theory of Spiritualism
- The Moral Teachings of Spiritualism
- Notes of Personal Evidence
(III.)A Defence of Modern Spiritualism

Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 –1913) was a British anthropologist, geographer and naturalist who pioneered the theory of evolution through natural selection, co-developed with Charles Darwin. He was anti-slavery, anti-Imperialism, a conservationist and an advocate of woman's rights.

London: James Burns, 1875. First edition. Octavo. 236pp plus adverts to the rear. Publishers maroon cloth, previous owner signature to publishers page, boards marked and worn with slight rippling effect present on both sides, cloth slightly exposed over edge of spine, corners rubbed, edges worn, spine faded, but excellent internally text remains clean and bright. A good copy of a scarce title.

"Life in the higher spheres has beauties and pleasures of which we have no conception. Ideas of beauty and power become realised by the will, and the infinite cosmos becomes a field where the highest developments of intellect may range in the acquisition of boundless knowledge... That soul's continued existence and triumph over death; our own embodied spirit's power of communication with the invisible world around us, and its various occult forces. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, prophecy, trance, vision, psychometry, and magnetic healing; how grand and wonderful appears the soul, invested even in its earthly prison house, with all these gleams of powers so full of glorious promise of what we shall be, when the prison gates of matter open wide and set the spirit free!"-  Mrs. Emma Hardinge Britton