Phone Calls From The Dead by D. Scott Rogo & Raymond Bayliss


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NEL, 1980. 

'This well-researched classic publication deals with the phenomenon of telephone calls from alive people from other realities, a sensitive subject matter that is avoided by other writers. There are three types of calls:
1. People who had recently passed on or dead for years to out of the blue call family and friends.
2. The receiving kind: you call a house and somebody who is alive in other realities answers the phone.
3. A conversation with an alive person to another alive: yet one party later on denies either making or receiving such phone call. (These are people who intended to call but never did, yet it seems that the call was psychically made). To build a channel of communication among those here and those dwelling on different planes of life deeper and more advanced research on this subject must be done.

A two-year investigation into these and many more puzzling examples of phone calls from the dead has established a whole body of evidence that these incidences do happen.'

Category Parapsychology