Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research Vol. XXXIV


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University Press Glasgow, July, 1924. Fade to blue cover, stain bottom right corner. Good sturdy copy with no internal markings. 

Includes chapters on 'Mediumistic Trance' and 'The Herb Moly'.

'The second half of the nineteenth century was a period of intense intellectual ferment, as science-based naturalistic explanations increasingly challenged the old religious worldview. At the same time the new religion of Spiritualism led to an explosion of extravagant paranormal claims, throughout the Western world and in all strata of society. There were stories of apparitions, clairvoyant visions, precognitive dreams – the kind of miraculous events that have been reported since the earliest times – but also something new: influential mediums claiming contacts with the dead. These were all the subject of fierce debate. Could they be fully accounted for in naturalistic terms, or did they point to aspects of consciousness as yet unknown to science?

In January 1882, a conference was held in London to discuss the viability of setting up an organisation to carry out formal scientific research into these matters. The following month the SPR was founded, the first learned society of its kind, with the purpose of investigating mesmeric, psychical and ‘spiritualist’ phenomena in a purely scientific spirit. Its leaders quickly created a methodological and administrative framework, including a scholarly journal in which psychical research could be reported and debated worldwide.'

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