Rasputin The Holy Devil by René Fülöp-Miller


Sold out

Viking Press, 1928. First American Edition, first print. 386 pages. Jacket of 'The rascally monk depicted in photo montage against a tableau of onion-domed Muscovy.' Minor wear to jacket edges, with some marks and rubbing present. A very good copy. 

'Rasputin was the most mysterious figure of old Russia, a Siberian peasant. The image of Rasputin emanates a powerful magnetism that has disseminated across European history, and has conjured him an almost folkloric figure. 
Preacher and Brawler, redeemer and debauchee. He became a friend of the Emperor and Empress, worshipped as a saint by society ladies, and revered by politicians, generals, and princess of the church as the uncrowned ruler of the Empire. He was the penitent pilgrim who preached redemption through sin, and practiced what he preached. He was the one man who, if he had not been lying helpless from a woman's dagger wound, might have averted the World War. The Empress relied on him implicitly; the Tsar of all the Russians fell on his knees before him and called him 'Christ'. His murder foreshadowed the death of an ancient dynasty and hastened the collapse of the largest nation in Europe.'