Science, Materialism, Mysticism by Amal Kiran


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The Integral Life Foundation, 1995. First edition. Paperback. 356pp. Cover lightly marked, small sticker to inside panel, otherwise a near-fine copy. 

'This book discusses from a philosophical perspective classical Newtonian versus relativistic Einsteinian physics, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, etc.
There is special emphasis on Albert Einstein's path-breaking views and philosophy of science, showing how for him physics in a sense almost merged with metaphysics.'


- Did Classical Physics Bear Out materialism? 

- Mysticism and Einstein's Relativity Physics 
- Mysticism and Science 
- Einstein's Four-dimensional Continuum
- The Originality of Einstein 
- The Scientific Mind and the Mystical Outlook
- Probability in Microphysics: Its Implications and Consequences 
- Heisenberg's Principle of Indeterminacy 
- Materialism and Sense- Perception 
- Mind, Life, Matter
- Matter and Mind 
- Matter and Life
- Matter, Life, Mind 
- New Trends in Biological theory and psycho- physiology 
- LSD and the Mind of the future