Sister Wendy Beckett On Art & The Sacred


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Rider, 1992. First edition.

'In this book, Sister Wendy Beckett explodes the myth that sacred and religious art are synonymous, and shows rather that sacred art is the most intense communication of personal truth, giving the viewer a direct experience of God.

What is it about some art that prompts us to regard it as sacred? This book defines the sacred in art and illuminates the theory by the use of 65 commentaries, each of which is set beside a full-page reproduction of the work under discussion. With artists as varied as Picasso, Mondrian, Bob Natkin, Agnes Martin, Winifred Nicholson and Catherine Lee, this book brings together some of the masterpieces of our time, complemented by a text that confirms the presence of the sacred in a notably secular age.'

Sister Wendy Beckett was a  nun who lived in solitude on the grounds of a monastery in Norfolk, she became well known internationally during the 1990s when she presented a series of lyrical BBC television documentaries on the history of art. She died age 88 in 2018.

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