Star Dust by C. Hilda Pagan


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Theosophical Publishing House, c1920. Signed by author. 63 pages. 19 x 13 cm. Publishes original indigo cloth, silver title upon the cosmos. Several small tears to jacket, colour darkened with some marks and stains present, edges worn, small piece of jacket from top of spine is missing. Text clean and unmarked. A good copy of a rare work on Astrology.

A charming introduction to Astrology, describing clearly and simply
the twelve Zodiacal types in human beings.

'The zodiac may be merely the dial of the clock by which ancient civilisations learnt to time the moods of the earth. This point seems especially useful, the idea of the 'homely earth' as a living creature; thus being the real agent in the forming of the varied shades of character which individual horoscopes express. Hilda insists has acquired a better understanding of people, either in daily life or in general reading, by such knowledge of the subject she possesses. Herself and her sisters have worked out several thousands of horoscopes, which show a considerable amount of experience with results.'

C. Hilda Pagan was one of five younger sisters of Isabelle M. Pagan, known for her astrological writings and lectures. Her book From Pioneer to Poet,  published in 1911, is still regarded as a valuable and innovative contribution to astrology.

The Pagans were a Scottish family who were in based in Edinburgh for most of their life. C. Hilda Pagan wrote articles for Modern Astrology, and was well acquainted with their contemporary Theosophist-astrologer Alan Leo, the editor of that magazine.

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