Star Lore of All Ages by William Tyler Olcott


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G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1911. First Edition. A Collection Of Myths, Legends, And Facts Concerning The Constellations Of The Northern Hemisphere. Edges slightly rubbed with a light shelf wear to boards, Internally contents clean with no markings or inscriptions, binding tight and strong. Very good copy of a scarce title. 50 illustrations in the text and 64 full-page illustrations. 

'In sabianism, or star worship, we have, the earliest form of religion, in astrology and the adoration of the stars as progenitors of the modern science of astronomy. From this universal attention to the stars, these sprang up the myriad fancies and peculiar notions, the products of imagination, that people the sky with animals and quaint figures, and gave rise to the constellated stellar groups that have come down to us, and figure on the modern charts of the heavens.

There are many traditions that have emerged from the mists that shroud distant past respecting the origin of constellations, and the science of astronomy, and as that origin is antediluvian, the knowledge that we have on the subject must perforce be largely traditional in its character.

The constellation Andromeda presents a beautiful appearance rising in the eastern sky in the early evenings during the months of autumn. Low over the hills twinkle her chain of stars, sweeping down in long graceful curve from The Great Square Of Pegasus, like tiny lamps swinging from an invisible wire, a chain of gold with which heroic Perseus holds in check his winged steed.

It is hoped that a history of the heavens here set forth will awaken fresh interest in the stars, and will secure for them the attention that is just due, on the part of all lovers of the beautiful.

There are many persons who are familiar with the bright stars and constellations of these northern latitudes who are unaware of the beautiful myths and legends that time and fancy have woven about them.

Generations have delighted in this guide to the myths and legends surrounding stars and constellations. Captivating retellings of the origins and histories of the ancient star groups include stories of Pegasus, Ursa Major, the Pleiades, the signs of the zodiac, and other constellations.'

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