The Artistic Anatomy of Trees by Rex Vicat Cole


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Seely, Service & co, 1916. First edition. 515 illustrations.  The Artistic Anatomy of Trees, Their Structure & Treatment in Painting. Cover worn, binding is weakened but still intact, a number of plates starting to loosen. A good first edition copy. 

'It is with considerable diffidence that I undertake the task of attempting a description of Trees from the artist's point of view. A loving acquaintance with them each year brings home to MC my shortcomings in rendering them as they should be rendered in the branch of art I follow -- Painting. To this is added a new terror in having to use words ; and the temptation is to relinquish the effort and say instead that only those who can feel the beauty of Trees may attempt to paint them, and that to others their significance must for ever remain a closed door. If my statements appear dogmatic or dictatorial it is not because I think I can draw trees really well ; but only because I know that a large number of people draw them worse.'