The Book Of Ceremonial Magic by A. E. Waite


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Rider & co, 1987. Facsimile of 1911 edition. 338 pages. Over 150 illustrations. Very good example. 

Including The Rites & Mysteries Of Goetic Theurgy, Sorcery, & Infernal Necromancy.

'A compendium of ritual magic practice, compiled through a methodical study of original medieval texts, manuscript grimoires and occult tomes.
Waite's studies uncovered a variety of knowledge; thousands of translated spells and rituals with a theological origin. Many exist to protect individuals from perceived evil phenomena, while others seek to conjure beneficent spirits. Some claim to allow the magician to form pacts with supernatural beings. Many of the rituals require specific materials and ingredients to carry out such as grave dust, or certain plant and herbal concoctions.  
The books is organised into two main parts. The first is ‘The Literature of Ceremonial Magic’, which surveys the history of ritual magic, providing excerpts from the most important medieval magical texts, including the famous texts of black magic; ‘The Grimoire of Honorius’ and ‘The Black Pullet.’ The Second is a complete grimoire, with chapters on 'The Preparation of the Operator, the Initial Rites and Ceremonies' and 'The Mysteries of Goetic Theurgy'. Therefore, the work combines analytical and critical accounts of the ‘chief magical materials known to the writer’, and a complete practical guide for the readers own use. The result is an unparalleled treatise on subject ceremonial magic.'