The Book Of The Dead by Wallis E. A. Budge


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Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1960. An English Translation Of The Chapters, Hyms, Etc Of The Theban Recension, With Introduction & Notes by Sir E. A. Wallis Budge. 698 pages. Twenty Plates. Includes Funeral Procession fold out plate. Three Volumes In One. Shelf wear present on jacket, slight fade to colour, foxing present. Internally clean and unmarked text, a very good copy. 

'Wallis Budge was formerly the keeper of the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities in the British Museum. The sacred wisdom of the priests of ancient Egypt and the experiences of the soul after death, one of the most important books in Egyptian history. Includes full hieroglyphic text along with a transliteration of sounds, word-for-word translation, and a separate smooth translation.

Egyptian sources the religious views of the wonderful people who more than five thousand years ago proclaimed the resurrection of a spiritual body and the immortality of the soul.

The Papyrus of Ani, which was acquired by the Trustees of the British Museum in the year 1888, is the largest, the most perfect, the best preserved, and the best illuminated of all the papyri which date from the second half of the XVIIIth dynasty (about B.C. 1500 to 1400). Its rare vignettes, and hymns, and chapters, and its descriptive and introductory rubrics render it of unique importance for the study of the Book of the Dead, and it takes a high place among the authoritative texts of the Theban version of that remarkable work. Although it contains less than one-half of the chapters which are commonly assigned to that version, we may conclude that Ani's exalted official position as Chancellor of the ecclesiastical revenues and endowments of Abydos and Thebes would have ensured a selection of such chapters as would suffice for his spiritual welfare in the future life. We may therefore regard the Papyrus of Ani as typical of the funeral book in vogue among the Theban nobles of his time.'

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