The Case For And Against Psychical Belief Edited by Carl Murchison


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Clark University, 1927. First edition. 12 b&w photographic plates. 366 pages. 

A collection of papers presented at a symposium on psychical research held at Clark University in 1926. The book contains fourteen essays on psychical Phenomena and mediumship. Contributors include; Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Frederick Bligh Bond, L.R.G. Crandon, Mary Austin, Margaret Deland, William Mcdougall, Hans Driesch, Walter Franklin Prince, F.C.S. Schiller, John E. Coover, Gardner Murphy, Joseph Jastrow and Harry Houdini.

'Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has repeatedly told the Spiritualists that I will eventually see their light and embrace their Spiritualism. If the memory of a loved one, gone to the protection of the hands of the Great Mystifier means Spiritualism, then I truly do believe in it. But if it is to be founded on the tricks of exposed mediums, feats of magic, resort to trickery, then I say unflinchingly, I do not believe, and more, I will not believe.. If there is anything to spiritualism then the world should know it. There is too much at stake for a flighty passing, for unsubstantiated  truths.' - Harry Houdini

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