The Child, The Wise Man, & The Devil by Coulson Kernahan


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James Bowden, 1896. 1 of 500 Copies. Signed by Author. 

"I dreamt that I stood within the walls of a great city. Under the deep dense blue of an Italian sky, innumerable towers, domes, temples, and palaces glittered and whitened, like head-stones bleaching in a cemetery, in the morning sunshine, and in the centre rose the cross-crowned cupola of a huge cathedral. And in the streets and squares of the city I beheld the vastest concourse which the eye of man hath ever witnessed. People of every race and every nation swarmed, antlike, in the houses and streets; and when I looked beyond the city's limits, I saw that the country for many miles around was thick with tents and pavilions, so that it seemed as if the place had become, as it were, the camping-ground of nations. Then, turning to one who stood near me, I said, "Surely this is Rome, the Eternal City?"And he made answer, "It is.""And yonder church," I said, "is it not the church of St. Peter?""It hath so been called of old," he responded, "but it is called so now no longer.""What call they it, then?" I asked."The Church of the One God," replied the man.Then said I, "Tell me, I pray thee, why the name hath been so changed, and what means this multitude, for I am but newly arrived in the city."